Our Dealership Will Buy Your Car

As much as an owner enjoys driving a particular car, there may reach the point when selling it makes sense. Perhaps circumstances change, and you need a new pickup truck or a compact car, as an SUV might not be the right fit anymore.

And that's where our dealership can prove helpful. We buy used cars and pay fair rates for them.

Why We Buy Used Cars in Culver City, CA

What is the top reason why our dealership buys older cars? We want to sell used cars. Buying them provides the perfect way to expand our inventory. So, we take all inquiries about sales seriously. If we see a vehicle that is in good shape in the Hawthorne, CA area, expect us to make an offer.

Working with us comes with far fewer potential headaches and costs than when dealing with strangers and private sales. Sure, some websites allow you to add a listing.


Make an Inquiry

Do you want to deal with would-be buyers who set up appointments and then no-show? Why deal with the hassles associated with a complaining buyer who continues to call long after the deal gets done? Sell your old car to us and experience a straightforward process.

Consider a Trade-In Near West Hollywood, CA

We could pay cash for your car, and you can walk away. Or you could use the old car to buy a new one. That's the traditional trade-in process, and it never ceases to make sense. 

If you want to buy another vehicle, your current model could serve as a great way to pay for part of it. Our team would subtract the value of the trade-in from the purchase price.

The Sale/Trade-In Valuation

How much is your car, truck, or SUV when you request a trade-in or purchase? Long before we give you an offer, you can estimate the potential value right on our website. Our website presents a reliable online valuation tool. 

Would-be sellers in Los Angeles, CA can type essential information about their vehicle into the tool. The info should include the make, model, year, and info about its condition and mileage. Based on the data supplied, a general estimate becomes available. 

Of course, when you come to our Inglewood, CA area location, you can work out a final price with a representative.

Buying a New or Used Volvo in Culver City, CA

Opportunity knocks when you have an old car to trade. Our dealership specializes in Volvos, and your trade-in could open doors to getting a discount and deal on a new Volvo model. Whether you want a sedan, sports car, SUV, or something else, the new Volvo inventory line should have something appealing. Look over the new listings today and feel inspired.

We also offer used Volvo cars and SUVs, which further increases the chances of getting an outstanding deal. Volvo produces some amazingly reliable models. Buying a used one might be the best choice a buyer makes.

Browse Our Used Inventory

Since we accept sales and trade-ins on models other than Volvo, we certainly have an extensive selection of other used makes and models available. As always, car buyers can trade their old vehicles as part of a deal on something in our used inventory. Be sure to visit as quickly as you can. Our inventory changes frequently.

Contact Culver City Volvo Cars

Feel free to set up a time to come by our dealership in the Inglewood, CA area to sell or trade-in a car. You can also test drive the new model you want to buy. So, contact us and get things moving.