How You Should Prepare for the End of Your Volvo Lease

While you have enjoyed driving your Volvo for the past few years, it is now time for the lease to end. You might be wondering what the procedure is as you approach that point. It is not meant to be a difficult process, so you should find that successfully fulfilling your end of the contract is rather easy.

In fact, you can turn in your leased Volvo to Culver City Volvo Cars even if you leased the vehicle from another dealership. At that point, you will be ready to start looking at new Volvo cars and SUVs that have recently come onto the market in the Inglewood, CA area. Below are a few things to keep in mind as you come to the end of your lease.

Decide What You Will Do Next

Just because your lease is coming to an end does not mean that you no longer need transportation around the Los Angeles, CA area.


Make an Inquiry

About three months from the end of your lease, you will want to decide whether you want to hand in your vehicle and then lease a new one or buy the Volvo that you currently have.

If you just cannot fathom the thought of turning your luxury car or SUV in, it's easy to just buy it for the residual value contained in your original contract. It will then become yours to keep. Otherwise, you will want to continue to read the rest of this post to learn how to get your Volvo ready to turn back into our West Hollywood, CA area dealership.

Get Your Volvo Ready For an Inspection

It is important to start getting your Volvo ready for the day you turn it back in. One of the ways to do that is to schedule an inspection about two months out. This is a free service provided by Volvo and is designed to help you determine if there is any excess wear and tear that you will want to take care of before your lease officially ends.

Our Volvo representative will come to you, so it is quite easy. Just contact the number listed on the letter that you will receive in the mail and set up the appointment.

The representative who inspects your vehicle will be looking for any excess wear and tear. Small items that occur in the course of everyday driving around Hawthorne, CA over three years will not be reported, but anything out of the ordinary will. This is why you will want to try and take care of any noticeable dings or scratches ahead of time. Also, take a look at the interior and clean it up a bit. Of particular concern will be any stains or spills that have occurred. Make sure you check the tires as well to determine if they need to be replaced.

Take Care of the Repairs

The reason you will want to have the inspection about two months before your lease ends is that this provides you with enough time to get any necessary repairs completed. While you can always take the vehicle to any Volvo service center to get this done, you are also free to shop around.

You will want to hang onto the receipts in order to prove that you did get the necessary repairs completed. Keep in mind that you will be assessed a penalty for any excess repairs needed that you did not take care of prior to turning the Volvo back in.

Make An Appointment To Turn In Your Volvo

As the day draws near for your lease to officially end, you will want to contact Culver City Volvo Cars in Culver City, CA to make an appointment that will streamline the turn-in process. When you get ready to head over to us, make sure that you have all of the keys, fobs, the owner manual, and the spare tire that came with the lease. If there was anything else included, bring that with you as well.

Give us a call and make your appointment today and we'll be happy to help you through the process.